katherine (selfapologies) wrote,

you're the only thing i know now
you're all i want
and nothing i need
you could be all to me
i want you when i wake up
and before i go to bed
everytime i think of you I want to cry
I want to know why all your feelings died
how could you do what you did
how could you be what you you are
you're not the boy I know
you're not the boy I love
You are nothing that I thought I knew
and I see a new side of you
I can't explain the way I feel
everytime I see you I want to cry
Life is too short to live like you do
so scared and so unaware of your beauty
you don't know what you do to me
You don't know what you're doing to me
you told me you'd never let me down
I love you
and everything you are
all that you do
I know someday everything will be okay
I know someday we will be who we once were
I just wish that day were today
I miss you
I love you
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