katherine (selfapologies) wrote,

I try to tell you

by the things

 I do

I try to tell you

by the things I don't say

I try to tell you

....but I never meant

to feel this way

what I want to tell you

isn't even what I try

to tell you  


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  • 1 comment
katherine, ryan told me you called him the other day.. ive been meaning to call you but latley ive been really busy with school shit and work. today is thursday and i have a really big test to study for and work, but expect a call from me friday for sure.
i hope everythings going alrite for you and i love your hair! red??? i got red highlights..haha! werid. i saw your mom on the way to school today and i waved but i dont think she saw me =)

ill talk to you soon! -dani