katherine (selfapologies) wrote,

a new type of me has emerged from underneath the many other layers.
a new way of being all that i can is going to see the light of day
change. it came. it went. it is. change.
i needed it so much. i couldn't keep going the way i have been.
lost, not really.... found, i am.
as i weed through my friends seeing each and everyone of them
come and go as they please
i see them grow and i see them go nowhere.
the love of my life has been lost. and although he is loved again
it is not my love he has. I have not lost in the end. I have found something more
something better
loving myself. and i mean it this time.
i will not let someone bring me down
i met someone new. I know nothing about.
knows nothign about me
and the mystery is what keeps me going.

as i plan to see through his many layers
I know what i can't let someone see in me.
the mystery is a battle in itself
the battle is a mystery i know not what i will conquer
or what i will fight
i only know what i think is wrong and right.
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