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Desire...is a stranger

you think you know

23 April
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acception to every rule, agony, aim, alanis, angela, angry girls, apples, april, bacardi, basketball, beach, beer bongs, blair and serena, blow, blurty, boys, breaking rules, brother, buckets, california, carly simon, cars, cats, cell phones, cheerleading, coach, cocaine, college, concerts, crazy beautiful, crushes, dangerous, dark colors, dashboard, daytona, dead flowers, dictionaries, drama, drinking, driving, drunk, erica, everyboy, eyes, family, fly away, football, friends only, gavin degraw, get out, girl music, gossip girl, graphic arts, grey goose, habbo hotel, here we go again, hollister, hotels, how to..., i mesh, i'm spinning, if looks could kill, infatuation, inside jokes, journals, kahlua, kate hudson, kate spade, keg stands, laptop, lil jon, lj, make love not war., marcus fluttie, massages, moke everyday, movies, nada surf, never scared, new york, nyu, obsessed with it, ocean avenue, one month limit, one tree hill, parsons, parties, party star, pavement, phlosophy, photobucket, photography, pictures, plantains, poetry, popular, postal service, rap, reading, remember me, road trips, rock, romeo and juliet, run away from here, rypto, serious talks, shit, shots, shower time, skeet, sleeping all day, smile and shine, smoking, song, soundtracks, splinters, spring break, spring forward fall back, spun, stalking handbook, such great heights, summer, super brain, swimming, synonyms, taking away, teacher's pet, tears, the bad girl's guide, the country club, the oc, theories, thrash, three six mafia, time, travis 12 memories, triple threat, twerk, ucla, umbrellas, unc, urban outfitters, walking, water, words, you're so vain